Saturday, December 27, 2008

Climbing Stairs

In early December we had the first meeting of the SomaLab. In it I introduced some of the concepts I have described in the first two posts to this blog.

I also presented an example of how we can use somatics principles to guide us in our engagement with body experience. The reading, entitled, "Climbing Stairs", is a short description of what happens when we follow the phenomena of body experience when investigating a disruption to the flow of "normal" functioning.

In this case I used the example of working with a clicking in my right knee. You can read it by linking to the Articles page of my web site.


  1. The Sacred Vessel . . . overwhelmingly clear - to me! Shockingly, it must be that my own experience is obviously not exceptional, as I read and identify my own experiences in this article. Thank you for writing this article. . . Rae Yvonne

  2. Thanks, Rae Yvonne. It was the longest article in preparation I have ever done, partly because it needed time for reflection and deepening.


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